Give it a go yourself! Download the Mathematical Bingo Trial Edition

There is nothing to lose! Click the link below and in a few seconds you’ll be able to trial Maths Bingo yourself. It works fine on a laptop screen with mouse, but do try it directly on your IWB to get the full effect.

Mathematical Bingo works on the following Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
The product has been accredited by the following Interactive whiteboard manufactures

  • Smart Technologies: Smartboards (all types)
  • Promethean: Activboards (all types)
The product has been tested on other whiteboards including Hitachi, RM and lesser known makes.
"Lovely versatile teaching tool - a problem and a whiteboard in one. EXCELLENT!"

"...clear and teacher friendly"

"Easy for children to interact with ...engaging for whole class"

"Great - need more of these!"