Enhancing pupils' mental methods and approximation skills. Maths Bingo, a mental arithmetic starter/warm-up activity that gets the entire class involved.

Mathematical Bingo! has been designed to enhance modern teaching of both mental and written arithmetic using your class interactive whiteboard and the fun, age-old game of bingo.

This powerful starter or warm-up activity can be configured in a matter of seconds to generate randomised printed bingo cards for each pupil in the classroom. Each card contains 16 answers to questions asked auto-magically via the electronic whiteboard. Every game is based on the teachers desired difficulty and speed settings, based directly on the Primary Curriculum Key Stage Two objectives.

The product also includes head-to-head bingo game and even homework activities!

Benefits of Teachers:

  • Delivered via an interactive whiteboard and optional bingo printed cards
  • Specifically designed to meet mental arithmetic objectives
  • Encourages pupils to develop strategies for mental calculations
  • Allows pupils to draw on their known number facts
  • Requires approximation skills and strategies in fast games
  • Aid teachers in the reinforcement of both written and mental methods
  • Progresses in difficulty as and when the teacher decides
  • Homework activities, two player and whole class activities

Maths Bingo Features


Whole Class Play

There are not many products on the market today that can truly claim they involve every pupil in the group learning experience. Whole Class Play has been designed to do just that! This must-have warm up activity swiftly gets every pupil working on their mental arithmetic methods, approximation skills and knowledge of number facts.

Two Player Head-to-Head

This quick-fire activity could easily become essential for starting your mathematical lessons.

Games can take less than 90 seconds to play, which keep pupils involved and is great for knockouts. Also because bingo requires an element of luck, you dont necessarily need to be the cleverest to win.


Revision Mode

An essential value-added extra to the product is the revision function. This feature lets teachers take any question asked as part of a game and breaks it down visually for the whole class to digest.

Easy Winner Checking

Checking pupils bingo cards becomes elegantly simple with the check winner function. With the click of a button, you can instantly see any individual pupils actual card and what answers have been matched on screen. We have also included a feature to print out the entire class results, who will win and when so you can follow progress of the game..


Homework Bingo Activity

We have also managed to include a wonderful homework generator, which automatically creates printed homework assignments for individual pupils and groups. This time-saving feature practically eliminates the teacher preparation time and delivers a fun objective for pupils maths homework that will never be forgotten.





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